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Budget Your Dream to owning your new home. You can build your team with your real estate agent, mortgage representative and financial counselor.


About Us
Budget Your Dream, Inc.

Who Are We?

Our mission is to provide financial tools that best help individuals and families reach and enjoy their dreams through budgeting, saving, and wealth building.

Budget Your Dream Incorporated provides the ideal online budgeting software program. You can enjoy budgeting your dreams and building your wealth online with the Budget Your Dream® online budgeting tool.

Our goal is to provide an effective and efficient online budgeting tool that helps a person become and stay “financially fit” in order to reach their dreams. We are helping individuals and families’ dreams to come true of owning a home, saving for college or retirement, building wealth and financial independence and many other financial goals. If you have a dream and would like to have help and access to financial counseling, support and/or encouragement while budgeting or planning for your dreams; then the Budget Your Dream online budgeting tool is right for you.

Budget Your Dream understands that the foundation to every financial success story is the ability to budget and save. Budget Your Dream provides online customer support and financial counseling services available by phone to help coach our clients through the challenges of managing debt, budgeting, and saving. The Budget Your Dream online budgeting tool is the ideal tool to help with budgeting, saving, and wealth building.

The Company Founder Understands that Dreams Can Come True:

The company founder, Stephon D. Lee, understands that reaching one’s dreams is not always easy but with faith and hard work dreams can become a reality. Since 1990, Stephon has worked to help others to make their dreams come true. Stephon foresees a need to help many individuals and families that had experienced financial challenges with buying and keeping their homes, creating and building wealth, and reaching financial goals for themselves and their families. Too often an individual’s hope is lost and so is their dream. Stephon believes that many of these dreams and goals can be saved and enjoyed with the right financial tool, counsel, and support.

Stephon Lee founded Budget Your Dream Company in 2004. The company was established with two core beliefs:

  1. An individual’s dreams and goals can be more readily realized with the right financial tools to help the individual to learn how to budget successfully.
  2. An individual’s dreams and goals can be more readily achieved with a budgeting tool that offers “real time” (i.e., anytime or anywhere) Internet access to the valuable support and counseling they need throughout the budgeting process.

With that in mind, Stephon designed a simple and effective tool to help individuals increase their financial skills, knowledge, and discipline needed for successful budgeting, saving, and wealth building. Moreover, Stephon designed the budgeting tool to allow the individual budgeting to share financial data in mostly “real time” interaction. This feature allows the individual and the financial counselor to share the financial data for effective and efficient support and counseling during the budgeting experience as often as needed or desired. In summary, Stephon designed the budgeting tool to help overcome the challenges that exist when an individual is left to budget and manage their finances independently. He has tremendously enhanced the opportunity for an individual to succeed at budgeting, saving, and building wealth with the Budget Your Dream online budgeting program. Stephon knows that dreams can come true with faith, work and wise counsel.