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Budget Your Dream to owning your new home. You can build your team with your real estate agent, mortgage representative and financial counselor.


TEAM Connect
Budget Your Dream, Inc.

Why Do Our Clients Like to TEAM Connect and Share?

Our clients can TEAM Connect to the Third party TEAM members to interact and communicate with TEAM Members. The client can add up to three TEAM members at one time. The client can add or change TEAM Members at their discretion. The TEAM members are usually built during the enrollment process. However, TEAM building can occur any time. The client’s TEAM Members can include a financial counselor of his or her choice, a person of choice, a real estate agent, a mortgage representative, a friend, a parent, a child, a teacher or any person that can be valuable in helping the client to succeed at reaching his or her dreams.

The client seeking to purchase a home may decide to build his or her team with the financial counselor, real estate agent, and mortgage representative. A parent with a child in high school or college may decide to build their TEAM consisting of the parent, teacher or financial coach that aid in helping the child to learn financial life skills such as budgeting, savings, and wealth building.

The TEAM members can be of great value in helping the client to learn how to budget, stay focused and develop discipline in the budgeting experience. Additionally, the Team members can help counsel or coach the client throughout the budgeting and wealth building process. The Budget Your Dream online budgeting tool was designed with the feature that allows the client to work independently or collaboratively with a Third Party Team Member. The Third Party Team Member should provide valuable help to the client in reaching his or her dreams and goals.