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Budget Your Dream to owning your new home. You can build your team with your real estate agent, mortgage representative and financial counselor.


Budget Your Dream, Inc.

You Can Now Enroll in the Budget Your Dream Online Budgeting Program.
Select below from the Drop Down Box.

You Should Select "Client" If you have a dream and need to budget to meet your financial goals for your home, college, retirement, financial independence and more. The "Client" will be the person that controls the budget, planning, savings, and wealth-building tool.

If you are a "Third Party TEAM Member" such as Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Representative, Financial Counselor or Financial Coach, select the appropriate category from the drop down box below and enroll now.

  • Select Real Estate Agent to enroll if you are a licensed real estate agent or broker.
  • Select Mortgage Representative to enroll if you are a licensed mortgage broker or a professional loan officer or loan originator employed by a mortgage broker or lender.
  • Select Financial Counselor to enroll if you are a professional financial counselor, financial advisor, or financial planner providing counseling to the "Client". You may be a governmental, non-profit or for profit organization.
  • Select Financial Coach to enroll if you are providing financial coaching and support to the "Client". You may be a parent helping a child with his or her budget, a friend giving support and counsel to another friend, or a volunteer working to help his or her church or group members with their personal finances.
  • Select Housing Counselor to enroll if you are a professional housing counselor providing counseling to the "Client".

When you enroll as a Third Party TEAM Member you will be added to the database. You will need to be enrolled in order to become a TEAM member. When the "Client" enrolls, the Client will search for his or her TEAM member's name and data from the database. The Client will search for key data to confirm the TEAM member selection. The Client should only select and authorize a TEAM member, if the TEAM member can add value to helping the Client to reach his or her dreams and financial goals.